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3d visualisation office in London

VMAVI is a specialist 3D architectural visualisation studio based in London. The office uses art and high-end technique to create virtual reality for architecture, products, ideas and moods.

High quality visuals help to inform on the early design stages, materialise design ideas and offer a very important communication platform with clients and planners. Our aim is to incorporate in every visual, the kind of atmosphere/feeling that the architectural design targets for each project. Having studied and worked in the architecture business, our team can add their understanding and interpretation in order to achieve a very accurate visual to any project.


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CGI  |  Computer Generated Images | 3D Modelling | Photo-montages
architectural-visualisation-london-cgi1ANIMATIONS   |    Fly-through realistic videos   |   Image sequences

architectural-visualisation-london-animations1AVR    |   Accurate  Verified  Representations    |   Axonometric Views

Our passionate involvement and strong expertise will help you communicate all your ideas and promote your design values.

Our mantra is to incorporate, within every visual frame, the unique atmosphere and ethos of each architectural project, using our own creative understanding of our clients’ design requirements and deliver an exceptional tailor made service. 
The core of our focus lies on careful attention to detail which makes the difference when it comes to communicating ideas through illustrations. With a strong and dedicated team of collaborators, we work on projects across the world dealing with different techniques and methods to ensure the best result is achieved in every task we engage.